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Our dazzling Sunshine Giftbox features ethically sourced, sustainable flowers in vibrant colours. This bright bouquet of beautiful flowers is certain to brighten even the darkest day.
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Sunshine Giftbox

£41.99 £37.99
Blazing Beauty is a glamorous bouquet of Craspedia, Gemini, Tulips and Roses that is guarnateed to brighten your home and give joy to the people around you.
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Blazing Beauty

£37.99 £35.99
A classic, elegant bouquet of scented white Lilies adds glamour to any interior, makes the perfect gift for anniversaries, birthdays or is an excellent alternative christmas centrepiece. Our ethically sourced, sustainable flowers are guaranteed to brighten any occassion.
Available for same-day delivery
Handcrafted by our skilled local florists, the Remy bouquet is a stunning combination of Germini, Lilies and Roses that are hand cut and have a wonderful aroma. Available for same day delivery and perfect whatever the occassion.
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£44.99 £38.99
This simple yet classical bouquet of beautiful flowers, handcrafted from ethical and sustainable local florists is the perfect gift for Anniversaries or Birthdays. A truly tmeless combination of blooms, colours and scents for any event.
Available for same-day delivery

Timeless Whites

£49.99 £44.99
This vibrant bouquet of fresh, hand tied flowers is almost as much fun as a trip to the carnival and combines Germini, Chrysanthemum, Lisianthus and Roses to stunning effect. A perfect example of beautiful flowers at their finest!
Available for same-day delivery
The ideal handcrafted bouquet to express your love, this colourful combination of Germini, Lily, Lisianthus and Roses are fantastic Valentine's flowers. Show your feelings with our hand tied flowers.
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my valentines
Available for same-day delivery
Our Luxury 6 Red Roses is the perfect flower bouquet to say I Love You and surprise someone on Valentines Day. Also ideal for Anniversaries or Birthdays, nothing says 'I love you' like these classic, hand tied flowers.
Available for same-day delivery
A handcrafted bouquet featuring a delightful combination of Germini, Lily and Roses, these sustainable, ethically sourced flowers are an ideal way to relive fond memories of the past.
Available for same-day delivery

Sweet Memories

£41.99 £39.99
A magnificient handcrafted alternative to traditional seasonal flowers, our Snow Day Giftbox features Carnation, Chyrsanthemum and Roses in clean and classic whites and greens. These hand cut flowers are ethically sourced, sustainable and make a great Christmas gift.
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Snowy Day Giftbox

£39.99 £37.99
A stunning selection of seasonal flowers, this handcrafted combination of Alstromeria, Chrysanthemum and Roses in rich, deep colours will warm the heart of anyone who receives them. Our ethically sourced, sustainable flowers are guaranteed to brighten any occassion.
Available for same-day delivery
The classic Valentine’s bouquet of twelve red roses is as popular as ever. These beautiful velvety red roses speak of love and devotion like no other flower can!
Available for same-day delivery
Featuring Chrysanthemum, Freesia and Roses this is a gloriously wild and wonderful bouquet with delicate textures and pastel shades, making it perfect for Birthdays, Anniversaries and any special occasion. Handcrafted by local florists with ethically sourced, sustainable flowers.
Available for same-day delivery


£61.99 £57.99
Elegant and eye catching, this bouquet of hand cut flowers features Iris, Chrysanthemum and Lisianthus in vibrant colours. he ideal gift for a loved one, our flowers are ethically sourced and sustainable.
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A simple yet ultimately romantic bouquet for the love of your life this Valentine’s Day. Six gorgeous red roses hand tied with care and delivered with love.
Available for same-day delivery
The perfect combination of red roses and pink lilies, this handcrafted bouquet of ethically sourced, sustainable flowers is an ideal gift idea for Valentine's Day. These hand cut flowers are sure to fill the air with a sweet strawberry scent and a loving feeling.
Available for same-day delivery


This beautiful Elizabeth bouquet is hand made by our local florists and is the perfect gift to brighten anyones day.
Available for same-day delivery


A beautiful, handcrafted combination of Gerimini, Antirhinum, Chrysanthemum and Lisianthus this bouquet of ethically sourced, sustainable flowers possesses an understated making it a gift for all occassions.
Available for same-day delivery

Pure Pastels

This Pink Lily Bouquet combines vibrant fresh flowers with green foliage and is handcrafted by our local florists and is the ideal gift for Weddings, Anniversaries or Birthdays. A stunning arrangement of ethically sourced, sustainable flowers.
Available for same-day delivery

Oasis Flowers & Balloons Flowers by Occasion

The Oasis Flowers and Balloons flower shop is a fantastic shop in Bromsgrove. It offers valued flowers which are the perfect gift for any occasion. Our wide selection of bouquets, flower arrangements, and design are all available to you in a variety of choices. You’ll never run out of gifting choices with our flower combinations used to suit every event. Give those unique people in your life a couple of our flower bouquets.

Things Our Customers Say

Company in China
3 months ago

Cannot fault this lovely place at all. They always go above and beyond for their customers. A superb business with a fantastic customer focused ethos. With love, Pickup Freight.
Lady Black
a year ago

Beautiful flowers as usual, shame no details on them – mum didn’t know where they had come from. She loved the butterfly and the ladybird that came with them. Flowers delivered when I asked and it’s great to use a local company. Will use again.
Eggythump Hall
a year ago

the comments and my follow up phone call was answered promptly. The delivery was not left in the porch as instructed, but this is not enough to knock a star off. The roses are stunning and are arranged with the carnations so nicely they are being left as they are to be admired for the moment. Will remember this shop for next time – Mother’s Day I believe 😀
Dave Grainger
3 months ago

My daughter wanted a treat after I had been to Alfredo’s barbers above this florist, so I let her choose a rose, exemplary service from the florist here and the rose, 2 weeks on is still looking perfect 👌🏻

About Bromsgrove Florists

        Barnt Green’s Oasis Flowers and Balloons is a family-run company founded in 1997. We are proud to create a range of beautiful designs that suit every individual’s style, from traditional designs to more imaginative and daring arrangements. We also offer gift ideas for any occasion. We want our customers to experience a fun and relaxing vibe especially the brides who are searching for that little extra and a personalised design for their special day.

        Thanks to our florists in Bromsgrove, you’ll never need to worry about timely delivery again. Oasis Flowers and Balloons still sees the needs of the consumer as a priority and we never compromise on quality. So you know our Bromsgrove florists’ flowers are going to be fantastic. Our Bromsgrove flower distribution works so well, thanks to our excellent contact network and our dedication to excellence.

        Grounded with honesty, accountability, and simplicity, we create real moments of emotional engagement with our customers. We develop meaningful relationships with like-minded farmers and florists as we inspire them to succeed and reduce needless waste along the way.

        Oasis Flowers & Balloons also provides a bespoke wedding service throughout Birmingham to create beautiful floral designs for your special day. Click here to browse for more wedding flowers.

        Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any concerns or feedback on any aspect of our service. Our friendly team is here to help.

A Little History Of Bromsgrove Florists

At Oasis Flowers & Balloons, our team of dedicated, artisanal florists believe we can provide the flowers, bouquets or arrangements required to suit any occasion. Naturally, we are passionate about our work, but we are also passionate about the history and natural beauty of the town and region we live in. We find constant inspiration in the scenery on our doorstep, and believe that if we share that history, not to mention a brief overview of our surrounding area, we can inspire others, too. Therefore, our florists want to share their inspirations and passions to ensure that potential customers understand us a little better.

Located in the county of Worcestershire, Bromsgrove is a town with a population of approximately 30,000 and is the main town of the larger Bromsgrove district. The first documentation of the town was in the early 9th century, and during the Anglo-Saxon period the area had a woodland economy with the main occupations being hunting and pig farming. In the Middle-Ages it was a small market town and the centre of the wool and cloth trade. By the 18th and 19th centuries it was renowned for nail making. The town was also home to the Bromsgrove Guild for Applied Arts from 1898-1966. This company of master craftsmen made many fine works of ironwork and sculpture, including the gates of Buckingham Palace, the stature adorning the Fortune Theatre in Drury lane, the lifts on the Lusitania and the Liver Birds on the Royal Liver Building.

Despite the close links of the town to industry, the area is largely a rural one and this remains the case today. There are a large number of nature reserves in the surrounding area, not to mention numerous parks and gardens in Bromsgrove itself. Chaddesley Woods Nature Reserve is one of the most important natural sites in the area. It is thought that parts of the site have been wooded since the last Ice Age, 6-10.000 years ago, and the presence of flowers such as yellow archangel, herb paris and dogs mercury are indicators of ancient woodland. The ancient woodland dominates the eastern part of the reserve and is predominantly mature oak. The rare shrub species Midland hawthorn thrives here and can be identified by the two seeds contained in its berries as opposed to the normal one. The flowers and berries amongst the scrub attract numerous pollinators and invertebrates which in turn attract various bird species. The western part of the reserve is mostly planted woodland, although the conifers are gradually being removed to allow the reintroduction of native hardwoods that will attract summer migratory birds.

The premier bird watching site in the county is undoubtedly The Cristopher Cadbury Wetland Reserve at Upton Warren. Due to past underground brine extraction there is a collection of salt water pools, known as the Flashes, in the southern part of the reserve. The salt-tolerant and salt-dependent flowers and plants in this rare inland saltmarsh are home to a variety of insects which in turn attract rare species of wader such as Wilson’s phalarope, Temminck’s stint and black-winged stilt. To the north of the reserve are a series of freshwater pools, whose flowers and plants attract a different, yet abundant, variety of wildfowl and provide a breeding ground for common tern, oystercatcher and redshank.

Lickey Hills Country Park can provide inspiration for amateur and professional florists alike, being home to over 380 species of wildflowers and plants, and are a great reminder that diversity is imperative in maintaining a thriving natural area. The mosses and ferns here, not to mention the abundant bilberry bushes, provide habitat for various insects which together with butterflies and bees provide the staple diet for the larger wildlife found here.

It is no surprise that our team of artisanal florists find inspiration in their surroundings! We believe that we are the florists with the creativity, knowledge and experience to deliver your floral needs, whatever they may be. Oasis Flowers & Balloons also provide a one day delivery service so you will never be caught short.

We Promise

Stunning and Elegant Designs

Oasis Flowers and Balloons promises to only give you the latest designs in town. From our elegant flower bouquets to our floral arrangement facilities, rest assured you will be very pleased. Our team of professional florists always gets the job done perfectly. We are committed to providing you only the best quality of our products. We have several flower designs to choose from. We promise that our flowers will make any event of your life memorable and wonderful.

Very Accommodating

True to our terms, the florist of Oasis Flowers and Balloons provide plenty of exquisite designs and arrangements. Our florist is always very welcoming. We will answer your questions and requests, and you won’t have to pay for your consultations. Our professional florists are very earnest people at your requests. You will surely feel at home when you visit our shop because our florists will welcome you with warmth. With our hospitality, we promise to make your shopping a hassle-free experience.

Passion For Flowers

Flower Academy

Magazine logo Learning something about flowers is always good. You may not be employed in the floriculture industry or a cut-flower business, but it is a great start for you to admire flowers. Get yourself informed about how flowers are grown and how they make a florist life easier. Read Oasis Flowers and Balloons magazines to find out what flowers mean, not just to everybody but to the whole country.

Care Tips

Care Tips logo Flowers are one of the beautiful things we see every day everywhere we go. We also love how beautiful the blooming petals and how bright the colours are. Do you have any idea how flowers are handled to be so obviously captivating with their beauty? Read the tips on flower care from Oasis Flowers and Balloons and you’ll be amazed at how these flowers are produced to your satisfaction.

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